Develop and Enhance Your Skills

Online Courses from Gulf Coast State College and Growth Development Associates will prepare you to build skills that enhance your success in any organization.

Each Curriculum is designed to help you achieve results in the workplace.

Online Only Classes* Blended Classes Face to Face Classes
$599.00 $899.00 $1,185.00

* Online Only courses are not eligible for certification.

Course Online Only Blended Classes Face to Face Classes
Consultative Selling 34 Hours 4-6 Weeks 3 Days
Workplace Communication 26 Hours 4-6 Weeks 3 Days
People Leadership 21 Hours 4-6 Weeks 3 Days
Account Management 24 Hours 4-6 Weeks 3 Days

The national certification by NCCET, National Council for Continuing Education and Training process includes:

  1. Completing all classwork/coursework in person or on a series of Internet-based video meetings.
  2. Working with a GDA instructor to practice and demonstrate proficiency using the sales techniques in a conversational role play scenario.
  3. Passing the online final exam with a score of 80% or higher.

Completing the certification process guarantees the student has not only learned the techniques, but can also use the techniques in the work environment to increase effectiveness.

The most effective, direct pathways to meaningful jobs and improved income are Workplace Communications Skills, Sales Skills and Leadership Skills.

Choose from four paths that lead directly to your success.

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