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Weatherford Corporate College

Outstanding Professional Development

The Weatherford Corporate College provides world-class, sales, customer service and people leadership training, producing highly-qualified employees and complementing the internal training already provided by your company.

  • Stronger Communication skills for all positions and industries
  • Revenue Growth– Enhanced sales and customer service skills
  • Transferable skills – Continuous learning and professional growth
  • Effective inter-office discussions -- Resolving issues
  • Grow team engagement – Effective coaching and counseling

If you are looking for professional development for your team, Weatherford College and its partner Growth Development Associates (GDA) are providing WORLD-CLASS Sales training through The Corporate College at Weatherford College.

“I have had the opportunity to participate in numerous Sales Training methodolgies throughout my career but none as cogent, effective or as straightforward as the Consultative Selling process developed by GDA and administered by Reed Farley. This process is not only accessible by a wide range of Sales professionals but is brilliant in the collaborative and honest interaction with clients both current and prospective. Having myself taken part in many real applications, it is the accolades by the customers in our consultative approach to finding and addressing issues that many had not been capapble of addressing or surfacing on their own, that led to success. This is proven results-based and transformative process that garners our highest praise and is rapidly becoming our true competitive advantage.”

Jeffrey Newman CEO, Boyds Coffee

The most effective, direct pathways to meaningful jobs and improved income are Workplace Communication Skills, Sales Skills and Leadership Skills.

Choose from four paths that lead directly to your success.

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