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Become the Preferred Partner in Your Accounts

Become the Preferred Partner in Your Accounts

What if you could apply proven strategies and become the preferred partner in your accounts?

Keeping, growing, and becoming invaluable to your customers - the golden rule for long-term growth.

  • Selling Upgrades: After the initial sale, there are opportunities to upgrade and enhance the customer’s experience.
  • Account Presence: Expand your base in the account. Become a valued member of the customer’s team.
  • Quantifying Benefits: Every business sales makes a customer more profitable, effective, efficient, or productive. Prove that and you can create urgency and eliminate discounting.
  • Demand Generation: Identify growth opportunities, plan and debug marketing strategies to create a “buying frenzy” for your products and services.
You’ve won some business, and now it’s your account.  Or is it?  Think again!
  • Do you know where in your account big decisions get made?
  • Would you like your key customers to include you as part of their management team?
  • Are you there in the planning stages to eliminate your competition before they even find out?
  • Do you have a defined plan to target the exact decision-makers and influencers who drive big deals?

Companies are not successful for the customers they sell; they are successful for the customers they keep.  Students of Account Management will be prepared to step into careers to grow and manage customers in companies in all industries.  Account Management Certification skills include the behaviors and activities necessary to sell follow-on products, services and upgrades after the initial sale.  Those skills include finding the very large opportunities in existing accounts, getting invited to the planning table as a planning partner, and gaining opportunities to compete for business long held by competition.   Companies who value retaining and growing their customers will find graduates of Account Management highly attractive candidates for hire, and students with Account Management skills will be prepared for careers competitive with senior, experienced employees.

Acquire essential skills necessary to manage and grow your accounts.

GDA’s results-oriented courses are designed to establish you as the preferred partner where you become a vital part of your customer’s team. Not only will you acquire a strong account presence, it will be relatively easy to sell upgrades, sell big deals and effectively penetrate your marketplace.

GDA’s world class sales training provides you with specific activities to perform to produce new orders, upgrade existing products and services, demonstrate pilots, and achieve competitive win-backs as well as new or enriched business partnerships.

The Account Management course includes the following topics in course chapters:

# Title Info # Modules
1 Quantifying Benefits 4
2 Selling Upgrades 5
3 Finding Big Deals 5
4 Account Presence 4
5 Competitive Penetration 2
6 Demand Generation 4

Each course is composed of two or more modules, and each module may take 20 - 30 minutes to complete. Each module has one or more quizzes for content reinforcement, and a successful completion of the quiz gains you access to the next module. Successful completion of the course final exam provides access to the course certificate.

Better Results for Corporations

Companies including Microsoft, GE, American Express, Hewlett Packard and Honda all utilized GDA to enhance their existing sales and management training.

GDA customizes skills and processes proven over 30 years in 40 countries to the specific products, services, and customer situations of our clients to achieve breakthrough growth in sales, productivity and employee development.

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