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Ensure success throughout your career with these essential communication skills.

Effective Workplace Communication

Effective communications are at the heart of success in any organization. Whether you are communicating within your organization, or with clients, it is imperative to gain support and build consensus.


Leadership requires gaining collaboration and consensus from co-workers, management, peer departments, clients, and partners.

To build an effective team and grow leaders you must...
  • Establish Connection: If they don’t trust you, nothing you say will matter.
  • Gain Engagement: Twenty seconds to win their desire to interact with you.
  • Understand Perspective: You need to appreciate their needs to envision collaboration.
  • Propose Solutions: Integrate their needs with yours to show how you can move forward together.
  • Resolve Issues: It’s not you against them; it’s you and them against the problem.
  • Gain Agreement: Every discussion has a next step.

Success in every job and in every career requires effective communications with others in the workplace.  Technical skills, job skills, expertise and college degrees are not enough.  Success in the workplace requires communication with coworkers, management, other departments, clients, and vendors.  Workplace success requires communicating ideas, gaining support, addressing change, challenging outdated processes, and building consensus. 

Workplace Communications addresses the skills and provides real-world practice to gain expertise and confidence with interactions on the job in any environment.   The course builds and integrates all six skills necessary for effective workplace communication.  Students will gain expertise to establish connection, gain engagement, understand perspective, propose solutions, resolve issues, and gain agreement.   Students with effective skills in workplace communication will have a definitive advantage in getting hired and being successful in their careers.

Students will gain expertise to establish connections, gain engagement, understand perspective, propose solutions, resolve issues, and gain agreement.

Courses in the Workplace Communications curriculum include:

# Title Info # Modules
1 Establishing Connections 1
2 Gaining Engagement 1
3 Understanding Perspective 1
4 Proposing Solutions 1
5 Resolving Issues 1
6 Gaining Agreement 1

Each course is is composed of two or more modules, and each module may take 20 - 30 minutes to complete. Each module has one or more quizzes for content reinforcement, and a successful completion of the quiz gains you access to the next module. Successful completion of the course final exam provides access to the course certificate.

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